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PhilinCon’s overall activities are managed by a Board of Trustees. Members are elected for one-year terms and serve without pay. At present (2013) the elected board members are Dr. Enrique Sanchez (president), Honorio Jamandron (vice president), Rhea A. Santillan (secretary) and Mary Joan B. Aldanese (treasurer). The Board of Trustees includes a mandatory majority of members of Philippine nationality.

General membership in PhilinCon is open to anyone of full age, regardless of nationality or place of residence, who supports environmental conservation in general. PhilinCon’s main office is based in the Philippines.

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio
Founder and Scientific Advisor

Eberhard Curio (* 22. October 1932 in Berlin) is a German behavioural scientist and ecologist, who initially conducted research in the field of ornithology and ecological behavioural science and later achieved international awareness through his scientific commitment to species conservation in Tonga, Fiji and the Philippines. Curio is Professor Emeritus of the Ruhr University Bochum. In 1997, he set up a research station on Panay in the last preserved lowland forest of the Visayas region for the protection of wild rhinoceros birds and species conservation-oriented basic research. He is also founder of the NGO PhilinCon.

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Christian Schwarz
Project Manager

Christian J. Schwarz is PhilinCon’s general manager on Panay since 2014. His first achievements were the re-organization of the Station supplies and an efficiency check of outdated workflows. He also raised funds in a time where funding was not on par with the project’s needs, a situation which still persists today. Christian has long-term experience in the tropics, and has already been familiar with the project and localities from earlier scientific work and conservation projects. He had applied for the job because of his profound knowledge of Panay’s species and their ecology, and his year-long experience with Philippine culture. Aside from his job as PhilinCon’s general manager, the skilled hobby photographer works on his PhD thesis on the invasive cane toad, and on the systematics and ecology of praying mantids (Mantodea) in the Philippines and elsewhere.

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Management and Local Coworkers

Dr. Enrique R. Sanchez, Jr.
Vice President, Veterinary Advisor, WIldlife Rescue

Dr. Enrique ‘Bembot’ Sanchez, animal lover, rescuer of native wildlife of Panay and keen observer, has become President of the NGO Philincon. With its current stronghold in the rehabilitation and release of endangered wildlife species, PhilinCon depends crucially on enthusiastic helpers like Bembot.

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Rhea A. Santillan
Secretary, Bookkeeper

Rhea Santillan in the past years not only worked as the PhilinCon secretary and bookkeeper, but she has become a central entity for all project work on Panay, pleasure to work with as local and overseas coworkers agree. Warm-hearted and reliable, she works for the future of the entire region with courage and determination.

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Leocardio F. Dioso
Liaison Officer

“Lindy” Dioso is one of our most important members and supporters in conservation. His passion, however, are books, and he helped Filipino people share this passion by initiating the “1000 Libraries Project”. Lindy studied at La Salle University and San Beda College and then worked for the United Nations, dealing for instance with peacekeeping missions, refugee projects, technical assistance for environmental issues, crime and drug control.

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STation Staff

Benjamin “Jun” S. Tacud, Jr
Station Officer

Jun is a wise and funny caretaker and stationstaff at our research and hornbill station. He’s been working on the station since it was built.

Sibaliw Wildlife Reha Facility

Mormel is a young caretaker at our research and hornbill station. He feeds the birds twice a day, cleans the cage and repairs the station.

Arcel “Potpot” D. Fernandez
Sibaliw Wildlife Reha Facility
  Potpot is our charming caretaker and birdwatcher‘s guide.
Supply for the station

The porters carry food and other material for the birds and caretakers at the hornbill and research station.


Helga Schulze
Biologist and Scientific Illustrator

Helga supports the project since over 20 years with illustration project achieves and all kind of necessary work. Special interest: Philippine culture.

Sivajan Sivamany
Secretary of Prof. Dr. Curio

Sivajan is a Biology Master Student at the Ruhr-University Bochum and the office Assistent of Prof. Dr. Curio. He is also Fundraiser for PhilinCon.

Sofia Tschievski
Social Media, Fundraising

Sofia is Biology and Biodiversity Masters student at the Ruhr-University Bochum and the University of Duisburg-Essen. She is organizing street activities, media representation like Instagram and Newspapers. Moreover she develops ideas and products. Sofia was on the Sibaliw Research Station in spring 2018.

Tabea Wulms
Social Media, Fundraising

Tabea is a Biology Masters student at the Ruhr-University Bochum and is responsible for our homepage. She is facebook site admin and does street activities. Tabea was on the Sibaliw Research Station in spring 2019.

Julian Herting

Julian is a PhD Biology. He designs flyers and other information, is baking and helps otherwise with street activities.